Oral Health and Drinks

A beautiful smile starts with beautiful teeth. However, beautiful teeth have many adversaries found in foods & drinks.  Likewise, there are things that are good for teeth that come from food and beverages as well. The difference between stain and decay or white and shiny can all come down to a single sip.

So, what drinks can be labeled an ‘enemy’ of teeth-kind? First on our list are common breakfast drinks – coffee and citrus drinks like orange juice. Both of these drinks are highly acidic which means that they can cause decay of tooth enamel, increase the risk of tooth erosion and increase the quantity of bacteria all in one go. Coffee is also commonly known to stain teeth and citric beverages often have lots of added sugars which can cling to teeth and cause decay, erosion and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria. Another common beverage that is both acidic and sugary is soda. Soda can cause tooth erosion, decay enamel, increase bacteria and even stain teeth in a single sitting.

On the other hand, drinks like milk, tea and water are beneficial to the health of a beautiful smile. Teeth are bones, despite how much people do not want to think about it. Milk and bones have a special relationship where most of the minerals bones need to grow stronger come from milk.

Black and Green Tea naturally has plenty of things good for the body and soul and also teeth! Chemicals in tea are not corrosive and can help reduce the risk of tooth erosion and gum disease. Water as well is a natural mouth rinse can reduce the risk of dry mouth.

Despite how good something is for teeth, basic dental care such as flossing and brushing and visiting the dentist are still pivotal to a bright and beautiful smile.