Dental Safety is Our Priority

This year has been a trying and troubling year. The Department of Health and Human Services for Nevada announced that seniors are the most impacted by the Covid-19 virus which makes every smile and grin all the more important.

Dental implants, painless and simple additions to the jaw, will fill in the gaps of any missing teeth and strengthen the jawline to return that beautiful smile. Confidence in each and every meeting is something nothing can take away.

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, we’ve implemented new dental procedures with the goal of minimizing exposure and contact to others. The waiting room will only hold two patients at a time and those waiting can check in contact-free using their phones. All individuals within the building are required to wear masks and patients will be asked to sanitize their hands, rinse their mouth with mouthwash and submit to having their temperature examined by staff. Any items and surfaces expected to be handled or touched by any patients will be sanitized by staff before and after use.

Treatment rooms will not be used within 30 minutes of each other so as to allow sanitation of the surfaces in the room and filtration of the air. Throughout the practice, there are air purifiers while treatment rooms are isolated using aerosol vacuums. The air within the rooms is isolated and removed by way of ultra HEPA filters alongside the plastic treatment each room is given so viruses do not spread.

In accordance with local government, we are also limiting the number of patients we see a day to limit exposure to people, maintain social distance and keep the area clean and virus free.