Dental Checkups After the Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides

When life as we know it returns, feel absolutely confident that our Las Vegas Smile Dental Office is sanitized and our dentist, dental hygienist and staff apply the proper Covid-19 sanitizing measures for keeping you safe. 

Not everybody wants to go to the dentist every six months, especially during the Covid-19, however, when the risk of the Covid-19 subsides, it is still a very essential appointment. Frequent dental cleanings and check-ups help prevent more costly problems in the long run.

Even the best flossers and brushers miss spots when it comes to dental hygiene. These small spots, despite due diligence in regard to hygiene habits, can still build up and form plaque. When this plaque is left untreated, it may solidify and become tartar, the bane of all teeth. Tartar removal, 99% of the time, requires professional dental help.

Periodic dental cleanings help avoid tartar and the damages it causes from eroding teeth, creating holes and cavities. Very rarely do cavities give warning signs as they are born. Typically, a small ache is noticed after the fact, when the tooth has already decayed. After this, a dental visit will be required to have the cavities filled and other problems fixed. Fortunately, this entire process can be avoided by simply attending routine visits that remedy plaque and tartar before it becomes serious. These biannual cleanings are also much more affordable than fillings, so tight budgets ought to get ahead of the game and make an appointment now.

Gingivitis is also a concern, that may spread along tissue and gums causing them to break down, resulting in a weak foundation for the teeth. It is created when a buildup of tartar causes infection along the line of where tooth and gum meet, which makes the gum pull away from the tooth. This is why it is important to avoid and get rid of plaque and tartar buildup as it arises. Unfortunately, the early signs of gingivitis can quickly evolve into a fully-fledged gum disease, which comes with swelling, soreness, and potential bleeding. Alongside the gum tissue damage, a breakdown of the tooth-holding bone eventually occurs. The teeth will commonly loosen or fall out altogether at this point and a dental specialist will have to employ drastic methods of treatment to remedy the problem. Catching gingivitis before it gets out of hand, and addressing it, is as simple as attending regular dental cleanings.

Dental professionals are not only here to fix teeth and solve problems already surfaced, but they are here to also professionally clean teeth, scan for abnormalities, and ensure that everything looks healthy and is good to go. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and regular dental visits will save you a lot of pain and time in the big picture. A dentist can also spot indications of larger health issues and are also able to help correct poor habits that could be sabotaging oral health (which is a more common occurrence than most people realize). Stay ahead of problems and avoid them altogether, maintain or schedule a dental checkup today.