Dental Benefits Will Expire Soon

December 31 marks the end of the planning year for most insurance companies, especially ones that focus on dental care. This means that any benefits still remaining in their accounts will be forfeit and will not be carried over to the next year. Those premium benefits will simply no longer exist. It is like throwing away a perfectly good steak dinner! What a waste!

Usually, accounts cover up to a certain dollar amount every year. So long as expenses do not go over this set amount, there is no hassle. In this case, leaving free money laying around can be not only disappointing but potentially detrimental to an account holder’s oral health.

Currently, because of Covid-19, potential dentistry clients are postponing or even canceling their appointments in hopes of staying home and keeping their distance from other people. That means more spaces available for simple check-ups and teeth cleaning or much needed dental surgeries from trusted doctors and assistants.

Even if there is no pain, discomfort or previously missed appointments, scheduling an appointment is still highly recommended for continued dental health. Something as simple and seemingly unimportant as teeth whitening can play a huge role in maintaining a stunning smile and healthy teeth and gums.

There is still some time before the last day of the year and the last day of those coveted benefits before they vanish forever. Just a little bit of time can have a huge impact on the future.