Dental Implant Trends in 2020

Dental implants have long been a solution of choice for people with missing, damaged, and troublesome teeth. The ability to re-create a healthy and attractive mouth has been one of the most beneficial advancements in dental technology in the past decade or more. Research and development projects go on all the time that continue to improve every aspect of the process. The following dental implant trends for 2020 will allow patients to have higher-quality results with potentially less time and overall cost.

The Rise of Smart Technology

One of the most important aspects of dental implant planning and insertion is getting an accurate scan of the patient’s face, mouth, and specific device needs. With smart technology and cone-beam computed tomography, additional control is now possible through the use of touch screens, computer-aided devices, and integrated video cameras that gather more information than the dentist could on their own.

Virtual Implant Planning

The extra information mentioned above facilitates a more precise virtual implant planning process. Using computer-aided design systems, implant specialists can now create the exact tooth shape necessary to deliver a perfectly comfortable, effective, and realistic feel and appearance to every patient. A large part of this comes about because new software programs are able to utilize the input from multiple data sources at the same time and come up with a smarter solution from every angle.

3D Printing for Dental Devices

Once all the high-tech scanning and virtual planning processes are complete, the manufacturing process begins. What used to take a considerably long time and cost hundreds of dollars per tooth implant can now be done with a relatively low-cost 3D printer for an average of $30 per implant instead. The cost savings do not only come from the increased ease of production or the innate ability for the different machines to use the same digital information but also because each dental lab or office can use their own 3D printer. This represents one of the most impressive new ways to keep costs down for patients who need replacement teeth.

Higher Degrees of Collaboration Between Specialists

The new, interconnected focus in the entire medical and dental communities leads to improved collaboration between dentists, computer experts, implant manufacturers, and patients themselves. With a focus on efficiency and faster production, every member of the diverse team focuses on the patient’s well-being and satisfaction with the final dental implants.

As 2020 begins, dental implant patients in Las Vegas have the opportunity to take advantage of some of these new trends at an affordable price. LV Smile Center is running a dental implant special for the start of the new decade. Therefore, now would be a great time to get that healthy smile and replace any missing, damaged or troublesome teeth.

Oral Cancer

Cancer happens when cells grow uncontrollably and cause damage to tissue. Oral cancer looks like a mouth sore that doesn’t leave. If not diagnosed and treated early, oral cancer can be deadly.

What Are Symptoms Of Oral Cancer?

  1. A sore on the mouth that is not healing
  2. A white or reddish area inside your mouth
  3. A growth inside your mouth
  4. Pain in your mouth
  5. Pain in your ear
  6. Having trouble swallowing
  7. Teeth that are loose

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

  1. Cut Tobacco Use – Do not use tobacco or stop immediately if you are currently using
  2. Cut Alcohol Use – Stop or reduce alcohol consumption
  3. Protect Your Lips – Protect your lips from excess sun exposure by using sunblock
  4. Regular Dental Visits – While visiting your dentist, ask your doctor to perform an oral cancer screening

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