New Safety Procedures

During these unprecedented times, we are taking new precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and our team.

Updated Safety Procedures:

  1. When confirming or scheduling our front desk team will remind patients that there will be added safety protocols during their visit.
  2. There will be up to 2 patients allowed in the waiting room at a time. All others must wait in their vehicle.
  3. Our patients must bring a protective mask and wear it at all times while in the office.
  4. Our patients must sanitize their hands upon arrival.
  5. Our patients will rinse their mouth with mouthwash upon arrival.
  6. Our patients will have their temperature taken upon arrival to ensure they do not have a fever.
  7. Our patients will be given sanitized pens and clipboards to fill out their paperwork.
  8. Our front office staff will be wearing protective masks and disinfecting all surfaces in their work area.
  9. Our patients will be taken to a treatment room that hasn’t been used in at least 30 mins has had the air ozonated. (no patient will go in immediately after treatment room use)
  10. Our treatment rooms are disinfected and the air is ozonated after each use.
  11. Our staff members will change protective gear after seeing each patient.
  12. We will be introducing aerosol extractors by mid-May to reduce the spread of airborne pathogens.
  13. We will be isolating each treatment room with plastic treating so viruses do not spread in the office.
  14. Our doctors will be performing limited procedures in accordance with Governor Sisolak’s latest directives.


Oral Cancer

Cancer happens when cells grow uncontrollably and cause damage to tissue. Oral cancer looks like a mouth sore that doesn’t leave. If not diagnosed and treated early, oral cancer can be deadly.

What Are Symptoms Of Oral Cancer?

  1. A sore on the mouth that is not healing
  2. A white or reddish area inside your mouth
  3. A growth inside your mouth
  4. Pain in your mouth
  5. Pain in your ear
  6. Having trouble swallowing
  7. Teeth that are loose

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

  1. Cut Tobacco Use – Do not use tobacco or stop immediately if you are currently using
  2. Cut Alcohol Use – Stop or reduce alcohol consumption
  3. Protect Your Lips – Protect your lips from excess sun exposure by using sunblock
  4. Regular Dental Visits – While visiting your dentist, ask your doctor to perform an oral cancer screening

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