Give Teeth the Valentine’s Attention that they Deserve


Valentine’s is almost here! Candy, love letters and maybe even a romantic candle lit dinner with a special someone. However, getting ready for the perfect day is not just about crisp clothes and fine jewelry. A riveting smile can really pull together just about any look.

Teeth are one of our longest lasting relationship and deserve to be treated well this holiday and every day after. Give them a gift that will make them shine! Been considering Invisalign or teeth whitening? Why not? A bi-annual visit to the dentist or a short term goal like Invisalign may be just what those teeth need to feel appreciated and help them be their best!


Sometimes it can be hard to give teeth the attention they deserve. Flossing and brushing can seem just a little too easy to glance over and maybe even a bit tedious. Try turning it into a date! Put on some music and pay extra special attention to dental hygiene for just a few minutes. The music will help keep time while also making the task seem much less tedious.

Be sure to extend that care throughout the day too! Stay hydrated, avoid sugar and try not to use those pearly whites as tools to open things or chew needlessly.

What Actually Causes Cavities?

Dentist Las Vegas Smile - What causes cavities

Teeth cavities are small holes that form on the surface of teeth as a result of decay.  Cavities are one of the most common dental problems worldwide, which require treatment in the form of fillings.  If not treated in a timely manner then they can lead to further complications such as a tooth fracture or a pulp infection.   However, the good news is that cavities can be prevented.

What are teeth made of?

Teeth are protected on the exterior by enamel (a dense, mineralized layer). The enamel on healthy teeth shields the underlying softer dentin and the pulp (innermost nervous tissue).  Additionally, the cementum (calcified substance) surrounds the root of the teeth.

How does tooth decay begin?

It all starts when regular oral hygiene maintenance such brushing and flossing is ignore.   A thick layer called plaque (comprising of food debris and bacteria) forms on the surfaces of the teeth.  Over time the plaque hardens and turns into calculus.  Both the plaque and calculus provide an ideal environment for the harmful bacteria to grow.

Bacteria and tooth decay

These bacteria utilize the sugars and carbohydrates from the plaque and calculus as their food and release chemicals that increase the acidity of the oral environment. When the acidity of the oral cavity rises beyond a certain limit, minerals from the tooth enamel dissolves. This process is known as demineralization.

How are cavities formed on decayed teeth?

If this situation continues unchecked, the enamel becomes so porous that holes start to form on the tooth surface.  The following may occur:

  • The weakening of the tooth structure – when the enamel becomes demineralized, the tooth structure becomes so weak that it may get chipped or fractured.
  • Tooth sensitivity – when the enamel is destroyed, the underlying dentin and pulp layers are exposed. The dental pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that sense temperature and pressure. When the nerves in the pulp are exposed to the cavity, the tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold liquids.
  • Pulp inflammation – if the tooth exposure is not treated timely through a dental filling, it can result in the irreversible inflammation of the pulp. At this point, there might be extreme pain and the person may need an emergency dentist to perform a root canal operation to save the tooth from extraction.

But all this can be avoided by eating teeth-friendly foods, daily oral hygiene and visiting the dentists at Las Vegas Smile for checkups.  The dentist will be able to detect tooth demineralization and take measures to stop it.

Teeth Friendly Foods


Food naturally sticks to teeth and can affect people in negative ways. Plaque, cavities and bad breath can all be a side effect of the food we eat but some foods can also aid in oral health.

Leafy greens are well known to be good for digestive health and packed full of iron and fiber but they also can reduce the risk of oral cancer. Studies done recently have concluded that smokers, specifically women, have reduced chances of developing oral cancer simply by eating leafy greens.

Another vegetable that helps keep teeth clean is the beloved carrot. Carrots help combat plaque. Plaque is a film that forms over the teeth that eats away at both enamel and gums. Any medium sized carrot or a handful of baby carrots can take care of the job.

Next is fruit! Surprisingly, even fruit, with their sugary taste, are helpful soldiers in the battle for oral health. Strawberries actually house a specific acid, malic acid, that is known to whiten teeth naturally. No need for synthesized chemicals!

Raisins are full of antioxidants, we all know this. However, not everyone knows that these antioxidants help slow or even halt the growth of at least two different types of bacteria that naturally grow in the mouth. Thank the raisins for fresher breath and whiter teeth!

Lastly and most strangely is hard cheese. Dairy products are known to help build strong teeth and bones but hard cheese eaten at the end of a meal will help maintain the pH balance. Just like the pH balance of a pool stops sludge from forming, oral pH balance does the same!

Dental Benefits Will Expire Soon


December 31 marks the end of the planning year for most insurance companies, especially ones that focus on dental care. This means that any benefits still remaining in their accounts will be forfeit and will not be carried over to the next year. Those premium benefits will simply no longer exist. It is like throwing away a perfectly good steak dinner! What a waste!

Usually, accounts cover up to a certain dollar amount every year. So long as expenses do not go over this set amount, there is no hassle. In this case, leaving free money laying around can be not only disappointing but potentially detrimental to an account holder’s oral health.

Currently, because of Covid-19, potential dentistry clients are postponing or even canceling their appointments in hopes of staying home and keeping their distance from other people. That means more spaces available for simple check-ups and teeth cleaning or much needed dental surgeries from trusted doctors and assistants.

Even if there is no pain, discomfort or previously missed appointments, scheduling an appointment is still highly recommended for continued dental health. Something as simple and seemingly unimportant as teeth whitening can play a huge role in maintaining a stunning smile and healthy teeth and gums.

There is still some time before the last day of the year and the last day of those coveted benefits before they vanish forever. Just a little bit of time can have a huge impact on the future.

Stress and Oral Dental Health


Stress is a common culprit when it comes to sudden and mysterious health issues. It is commonly known that stress can cause both mental and physical health issues like trouble sleeping and weight gain but stress can also affect oral health.  Therefore it is an important to get  dental cleanings and examinations at least twice a year.

Sometimes stress can cause a physical reaction that may or may not be intentional.  Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common reaction to stress that can cause fractures or loosen teeth until they fall out. This behavior can sometimes happen in the night while the afflicted is asleep, making it possible for them to not even know they’re doing it! Sometimes stress can dissuade people from healthy habits like exercise or proper oral dental health which can lead to problems like gingivitis, plaque and cavities that arise from lack of flossing, brushing and rinsing with mouthwash.

Other times, strange sores and blemishes can appear within or around the mouth. One such blemish is a canker sore. While bruxism can sometimes be connected with them, canker sores tend to appear at will during stressful times. The sores are gray or white, are located within the mouth and are often times painful but are not contagious. Stress can affect the immune system as well, which would allow symptoms of the herpes simplex virus to appear. These appear on the lip as little bumps full of fluid and are in fact contagious.

Stress sometimes can lead to the infamous stress eating of sugar snacks. Be sure to avoid candies and cakes as they not only affect teeth but weight. Keeping calm, cool and collected is the best way to avoid problems that can arise from stress.  Also, remember to see your dentist at Las Vegas Smile Center.

Video Conferencing with a Smile


Video conferencing for work and school are taking place through webcams worldwide and becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate.

What is seen through monitors is not meant to be a view into anyone’s personal life, but it is. Every little thing they see or hear will give an impression – so make sure it is a good one!  Personal hygiene and appearance should be a priority.  Keeping a clean, healthy smile is one of the best ways to make a great impression.  So priority should be given to creating a beautiful smile by filling a gap  or replacing a cracked tooth a with dental implant.

Even though most of us are kept behind masks or indoors where others cannot see us, oral hygiene is still very important. Neglecting oral care can lead to long lasting problems that will affect the health, look and smell of the mouth. Alongside these problems are illnesses that can come with them. Aside from getting sick due to the extra bacteria, infections of the sinuses, lungs and brain can occur if oral hygiene is left unchecked which can affect your physical appearance. People generally look sick when they get sick, which does not give the best impression.

The best way to combat this is to make sure to keep up a schedule or standard for oral care such as brushing twice a day, flossing and staying hydrated which is proven to stave off the growth of bacteria.

Dental Safety is Our Priority


This year has been a trying and troubling year. The Department of Health and Human Services for Nevada announced that seniors are the most impacted by the Covid-19 virus which makes every smile and grin all the more important.

Dental implants, painless and simple additions to the jaw, will fill in the gaps of any missing teeth and strengthen the jawline to return that beautiful smile. Confidence in each and every meeting is something nothing can take away.

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, we’ve implemented new dental procedures with the goal of minimizing exposure and contact to others. The waiting room will only hold two patients at a time and those waiting can check in contact-free using their phones. All individuals within the building are required to wear masks and patients will be asked to sanitize their hands, rinse their mouth with mouthwash and submit to having their temperature examined by staff. Any items and surfaces expected to be handled or touched by any patients will be sanitized by staff before and after use.

Treatment rooms will not be used within 30 minutes of each other so as to allow sanitation of the surfaces in the room and filtration of the air. Throughout the practice, there are air purifiers while treatment rooms are isolated using aerosol vacuums. The air within the rooms is isolated and removed by way of ultra HEPA filters alongside the plastic treatment each room is given so viruses do not spread.

In accordance with local government, we are also limiting the number of patients we see a day to limit exposure to people, maintain social distance and keep the area clean and virus free.

Importance of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Las Vegas

Teeth are one of the most unique things about a person and help us connect to the world and each other through anything from trying a new dish to smiling or telling a joke. Sometimes, teeth will fall out or begin to decay and the topic of dental implants might come up.

What are Dental Implants?
Dental implants come in parts that a dentist will place one by one. There will be a piece made of titanium connected to the jawbone that will naturally join with it over time. Next would be the crown or fake tooth that will be attached using a small connector piece. Patients do not report pain afterwards, only a slight discomfort from the new addition though it does pass in time.

Why Dental Implants?
The idea of having a new tooth might sound nice but is it worth the time? The answer is yes as not having a dental implant can possibly lead to potentially serious problems down the line, mainly gum disease.

The empty space left behind when a tooth is gone suddenly becomes a favorite spot for all sorts of nasty bacteria and if left alone for too long can develop gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. This risk is increased in smokers as smoking is proven to slow healing but also weaken bone structure which can lead to implant failure and thus smoking is discouraged during the healing process.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have about Dental Implants in Las Vegas—we will be happy to help you!

Operating On An Emergency Basis


We Are Operating On An Emergency Basis Due To The Recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.

Our front office team is here to help.  They will be answering calls Monday-Friday from 9-5 but we are only treating urgent cases such as pain, infections, swelling, etc.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.  This Too Shall Pass.

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Dental Checkups After the Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides


When life as we know it returns, feel absolutely confident that our Las Vegas Smile Dental Office is sanitized and our dentist, dental hygienist and staff apply the proper Covid-19 sanitizing measures for keeping you safe. 

Not everybody wants to go to the dentist every six months, especially during the Covid-19, however, when the risk of the Covid-19 subsides, it is still a very essential appointment. Frequent dental cleanings and check-ups help prevent more costly problems in the long run.

Even the best flossers and brushers miss spots when it comes to dental hygiene. These small spots, despite due diligence in regard to hygiene habits, can still build up and form plaque. When this plaque is left untreated, it may solidify and become tartar, the bane of all teeth. Tartar removal, 99% of the time, requires professional dental help.

Periodic dental cleanings help avoid tartar and the damages it causes from eroding teeth, creating holes and cavities. Very rarely do cavities give warning signs as they are born. Typically, a small ache is noticed after the fact, when the tooth has already decayed. After this, a dental visit will be required to have the cavities filled and other problems fixed. Fortunately, this entire process can be avoided by simply attending routine visits that remedy plaque and tartar before it becomes serious. These biannual cleanings are also much more affordable than fillings, so tight budgets ought to get ahead of the game and make an appointment now.

Gingivitis is also a concern, that may spread along tissue and gums causing them to break down, resulting in a weak foundation for the teeth. It is created when a buildup of tartar causes infection along the line of where tooth and gum meet, which makes the gum pull away from the tooth. This is why it is important to avoid and get rid of plaque and tartar buildup as it arises. Unfortunately, the early signs of gingivitis can quickly evolve into a fully-fledged gum disease, which comes with swelling, soreness, and potential bleeding. Alongside the gum tissue damage, a breakdown of the tooth-holding bone eventually occurs. The teeth will commonly loosen or fall out altogether at this point and a dental specialist will have to employ drastic methods of treatment to remedy the problem. Catching gingivitis before it gets out of hand, and addressing it, is as simple as attending regular dental cleanings.

Dental professionals are not only here to fix teeth and solve problems already surfaced, but they are here to also professionally clean teeth, scan for abnormalities, and ensure that everything looks healthy and is good to go. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and regular dental visits will save you a lot of pain and time in the big picture. A dentist can also spot indications of larger health issues and are also able to help correct poor habits that could be sabotaging oral health (which is a more common occurrence than most people realize). Stay ahead of problems and avoid them altogether, maintain or schedule a dental checkup today.