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Teeth Whitening In Las Vegas

Increase your smile confidence with Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas .

Having a bright, white smile isn’t just superficially pleasing: it shows above-average health and vitality and gives confidence to those previously shy about their smiles. That's what makes teeth whitening in Las Vegas so valuable.

As you can imagine, teeth whitening in Las Vegas is one of the most requested procedures, and Las Vegas Smile Center has treated numerous patients who’ve left our office with genuine smiles, for both the results and how easy it all was!

While all of our teeth are different, the reasons for stains are common: people often consume coffee, tea, soda, and juice more than water, and this is evident over time as their teeth dry out and stain.

Then there are side effects to medicine like Tetracycline, which severely stains enamel, badly affecting teeth when they’re still below the gumline. Add smoking to the mix and it’s only a matter of time before those teeth turn yellow; you could imagine the need for teeth whitening in Las Vegas is a little higher than in towns where public smoking has been widely banned!

You are probably familiar with whitening toothpaste, which sadly doesn’t stay on the teeth long enough to make a significant difference. Then there are home kits that can cost a pretty penny, only to offer spotty results at best. A Dentist-grade bleaching kit, however, can offer solutions strong enough to brighten a few more shades than what’s possible with the “over the counter” kind.

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