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Pediatric Dentistry In Las Vegas

Professional, caring Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas .

It seems the biggest challenge most parents face is fear of the dentist. But kids are impressionable, and Las Vegas Smile Center works hard to form a good first impression; one that lasts. That is what makes us a number one choice for Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas.

Our friendly staff is always conscientious to the needs of children, and we treat our patients in Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas with care and finesse not shared by all Dentists. Understanding Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas is crucial in developing good dental habits because the younger you start, the better!

Our office has TV’s and DVD’s to make the visits fly by, but rest assured, our main goal is to help your child learn and maintain good dental habits, and that starts by providing a good environment for them.

“What does a Pediatric Dentist check on the first visit?”

At Las Vegas Smile Center, we will carefully inspect your young child’s gums and budding teeth as we build a trusting relationship with them and you.

We receive our fair share of curious children, and our dental assistants and hygienists are happy to explain the ins and outs of the office and equipment; this connection tends to put kids at ease who need to know what to expect (we get that).

“When should my child start using toothpaste?”

We’ll teach you where to purchase toothpaste that is free of fluoride for a few years until they are at least three years old. You always want to supervise young children as they brush to teach them not to swallow the paste.

“What is important about baby teeth?”

There’s a pretty big misconception that since our primary set of teeth naturally fall out, they don’t have to be cared for like the “real” secondary set. Nothing can be further from the truth, and this is why our practice takes Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas so seriously. The gums those first set of teeth are attached to? They’re the same gums that support your second set, and you’re only as strong as your weakest foundation.

We offer Diagnostic services, Comprehensive Examinations, Preventative Treatment, Sealants & Fluoride, and Fillings & Crowns made for children. Cosmetic procedures, Emergency & Trauma-related care, and Athletic appliances are also available, as life can take all sorts of twists and turns. For tweens and teens, we offer comprehensive Orthodontic services.

Parents, we know how hard it is to “make” your child do anything; kids seem to redefine what it means to be obstinate sometimes, but the more positive the relationship you have to dental health, the more likely your children will view the dentist as an essential part to a healthy life.

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