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Metal-Free Dentistry In Las Vegas

A safer, more appealing approach through Metal-Free Dentistry in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Smile Center proudly offers the most cutting-edge technology for Metal-Free Dentistry in Las Vegas, making metal sensitivity a thing of the past.

For years there are people who have reported side effects to the mixture of silver, tin, copper, and mercury, which comprises about 50% of the compound.

These four metals are present in traditional fillings, whose issues seem to affect people beyond aesthetics. For decades now, amalgam has been the default choice of filling, but more published research continues to suggest that metal sensitivities may be more widely spread than previously thought.

Mercury seems to be the most concerning of the metals; over 50% of the mixture is actually mercury, a powerful bonding agent known for its durability...and questionable safety. It’s precisely this controversy that has led Las Vegas Smile Center to completely phase out metal amalgams, offering our patients a safer option.

Less of the tooth has to be drilled to properly fit porcelain and composite resin, which is better at keeping bacteria at bay. In fact, people have reported their metal fillings to reshape with temperature and time, forming openings that allow bacteria to enter and cause decay.

“My Doctor is very passionate and knowledgeable. I have been to several Dentists in my life and he by far surpasses what I have experienced. His attention to detail, care, expertise, and level of quality is second to none. If you need any Dental Implant, Cosmetic, or Dental procedure, I highly recommend the premierdentist in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Smile Center.” — Jeremy H.

Metal-Free Dentistry in Las Vegas has evolved since its inception, and our dentists continue to train in the latest procedures available to better serve our patient’s interests. Composites and porcelains match your tooth color and have proven to be stronger than metal amalgams, with no side effects. More of your original tooth is preserved, and we strive to provide the least invasive procedure possible.

We hope now you understand our shift to Metal-Free Dentistry in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Smile Center stands by its integrity and continues to offer our patients dental services that go above and beyond what’s standard. We like to offer the simplest procedure to reach your desired results, making us one of the most sought-after practices offering Metal-Free Dentistry in Las Vegas.

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