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Invisalign In Las Vegas

Straighten your smile without the hassle of braces with Invisalign in Las Vegas.

We are pretty sure you have seen more than a few ads for invisalign in Las Vegas , yet you may not know exactly how they differ from standard metal braces.

It is true that they are both designed to straighten teeth, but they’re not interchangeable: most people who are candidates for Invisalign can use metal Braces, but that’s not always true the other way around. Confused? Don’t be!

Well no, but the trays are clear and are far less noticeable than their vintage metal friends. We get it; truly invisible Braces would be pretty cool, but here is a neat consolation: you can remove Invisalign before eating! One of the biggest complaints of traditional braces is how they alter the way you eat; there are just going to be foods you’ll want to pass on for standard braces to work their best.

See how your smile could look before and after Invisalign!

“Invisalign is Painful”

Any time your teeth are straightened it’s normal to feel soreness; your teeth are being pushed in different directions and will take some time to adjust. This doesn’t mean you should anticipate significant pain; in fact, many have reported invisalign less painful than their traditional counterparts.

“Will it change my speech?”

Not as much as you would think. Because the trays are custom-made to your mouth it only takes a short while to adjust your manner of speech. A slight lisp is possible at this beginning stage, but this is something that will fade over time as you adapt.

“Invisalign is Expensive”

There is no doubt that metal Braces are the most economical, but Invisalign is becoming more and more accepted by insurance plans, helping it to become more affordable. For many, the results and process is worth the extra money.

Users report invisalign as more comfortable, since you are less likely to suffer from the mouth abrasions that can come with metal braces; it’s why Las Vegas Smile Center stresses eating foods that won’t cause your braces to break, but this is a moot point with Invisalign: you can discreetly remove and store them before eating, which many of our patients feel is a huge plus when socializing.

Once your teeth are straightened your dentist may provide you with retainers to wear at night. There is also the added benefit of being able to floss and brush your teeth as you normally do, but please don’t misunderstand us: just because they are removable doesn’t mean you should be careless and remove them more often than needed.

Being too free with removing them can slow results, or one could make the mistake of leaving their Invisalign in Las Vegas tray somewhere on a night out; that really could be anywhere! It’s wise to keep them close, as you’ll be acquiring additional trays over time as your teeth shift.

Some of our patients are surprised when their dentist recommends a procedure other than braces; this is why it’s so important to visit a dentist you can trust. Braces are a process that can take 2-4 years from start to finish, and that’s a long time to be sitting in the wrong Orthodontist’s chair. Las Vegas Smile Center is dedicated to finding you the right fit, from consultation to shiny smile.

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