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Family Dentistry In Las Vegas

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At Las Vegas Smile Center, we treat your tweens and teens with respect. We remember our early dental experiences, and family dentistry in Las Vegas has become a greater consideration these days.

We enjoy watching our patients go from kindergarteners to college grads, and in those 12 or 13 years, their dental needs change significantly. We’re as well-known for family dentistry in Las Vegas as we are for cosmetic reconstruction.

The sooner children learn how to properly take care of their teeth, the more likely they will continue this healthy habit through adolescence and adulthood; this is where cooperative parents are appreciated: even though children know the basics of putting paste on a brush and scrubbing their teeth, it’s important that parents supervise kids to ensure they’re paying attention to the process (over time this becomes second nature).

We know how busy life can get, and our family dentistry in Las Vegas is often a one-stop shop for those short on time. Maybe a parent books an appointment because an old amalgam filling fell out; we can replace with enamel-colored ceramic, making a mouth full of metal a thing of the past. While our dentist completes this procedure, one of the hygienists can be giving that patient’s child a routine check-up and cleaning.

Maybe you bring your son in because it’s time for braces. By now he’s formed a solid relationship with our dentists and can trust that our orthodontists will treat him with the same top-notch care.

We’ll see families bring in their daughter, the star goalie on her soccer team. We remember the day we constructed her custom-fit mouthguard to protect her teeth during the game. We also remember the day she forgot to put it back in after taking a water break! It, unfortunately, resulted in a missing front tooth, and the timing couldn’t have been worse: she was only 2 weeks away from graduating high school!

Our talented orthodontists made sure she could accept her diploma with confidence, though we think the biggest smiles that day were on her parents’ faces.

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