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Emergency Dentistry In Las Vegas

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Accidents happen, and we see all kinds of problems that require an Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas , from a broken crown to general trauma, such as teeth being cracked or knocked out.

Maybe you took a bite of that peach a little quickly, or maybe you fell off a dirt bike at a motocross show; we’ve seen it all at Las Vegas Smile Center.

To keep it simple, you’ll want to seek Las Vegas Emergency Dentistry if you’re experiencing pain or trauma. Situations like a lost filling or broken crown require prompt treatment but wouldn’t be considered an emergency unless significant pain is present.

It is important to book an appointment with us as soon as possible, since the longer you wait, the more complicated the treatment. Always attempt to keep the broken tooth, crown or filling. Many times a tooth can be saved if it’s cared for, and you’ll want to keep the tooth hydrated with saliva, milk, or the very least, water.

Over-the-counter pain medications can help alleviate aches, and some people have luck using consumer dental cement as a temporary fix. Ice can help keep swelling down, and you’ll want to steer clear of hot drinks and hard foods until the problem is fixed.

Having a tooth knocked out isn’t just about aesthetics; our bodies have a unique way of adapting to our surroundings, and our mouths aren’t any different. Over time the missing tooth (or teeth) will cause the remaining teeth to shift, and in more severe cases the jawbone can lose density and shrink. This creates a whole new set of challenges.

When a toothache isn’t just a toothache

A toothache can make routine actions like eating, sleeping, or talking difficult, not to mention new challenges at work, social events, and at home. Often problems build up over time, like when a cavity or infected gums begin to hurt. In other words, it doesn’t always take a sudden accident to visit an Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas ; sometimes it’s genetics, like when teeth are impacted.

Wisdom teeth can be tricky; it’s been years since your secondary set of teeth grew in, so when a few new ones pop up in early adulthood, it helps to anticipate the process.

Dental Checkups provide x-rays to give you an accurate picture; sometimes teeth are impacted and grow at severe angles that can cause pain, shifting your teeth try to make room. Add an infection to the process and you’re looking at pain that most anyone can empathize with. Don’t hesitate to call the best Las Vegas Dentist at Las Vegas Smile Center; the earlier you address the problem, the quicker and easier come the results!

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