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Dental Cleanings In Las Vegas

Dental Cleanings in Las Vegas are a critical part of good dental health.

There are no shortages of people in need of dental cleanings in Las Vegas, but the sad fact is that many will wait until they are in pain before visiting a Dentist, usually an indication that a small problem has grown into a larger one.

Las Vegas Smile Center can help you create the healthy habits needed to keep that smile of yours strong and bright for years to come, and it all begins with cleaning and an exam.

Don’t worry, we won’t quiz you on the difference between a bicuspid and an incisor! No, we mean a physical examination of your teeth and gums, which are an excellent indicator of the overall health of your mouth.

We will check for “pockets”, a measurement of the tissue surrounding each tooth. If an area measures 4mm or more in depth, we’ll examine further and note any issues they may cause.

An Oral Cancer Screening is a visual inspection of your mouth, and your Dentist is trained to spot areas of concern that will be investigated further.

Gum disease is usually spotted visually, and sometimes nasally, but there is no reason to be self-conscious: you are on a path to better oral health, and Las Vegas Smile Center is happy to guide you along the way.


X-rays will quickly find deeper tooth decay and cavities. They will also give your Dentist a better picture of how your teeth and jaw bones are situated.

Restoration checkups are designed to prevent problems before they start. All previous dental work is monitored to ensure your dental work has the longest life possible.

Future visits will be needed to address things like cavities, gum disease, or cosmetic work, and our staff will be happy to book the most convenient appointment for you. Remember, the earlier the treatment, the quicker the results!

Plaque Removal

Our dental professionals carefully scale (scrape) your teeth to remove plaque, the sticky substance that eventually hardens into yellowish tartar. Once this occurs, even brushing with the most powerful electric toothbrush won’t rid you of that stubborn tartar, and believe us, you’ll want it gone.


Over time the calcified deposits known as tartar can contribute to tooth decay, and after all those skipped cleanings they can result in pain and/or lost teeth. Unfortunately, we see more than our fair share of these cases, where well-meaning people avoid dental cleanings in Las Vdegas only to end up in our chairs having to undo years of neglect.

We use hand tools and ultrasonic scalers that quickly remove buildup, and this is why regularly visiting your Dentist is so important; you simply can’t clean your mouth at home as effectively as Las Vegas Smile Center can. Think of it like this: you may enjoy washing and waxing your car on a nice summer morning, but what costs hours to accomplish can be outdone by a carwash in less than 30 minutes, and speaking of buff n’ shines...


Now your teeth are ready for a good polishing, and your Dentist can accomplish this in two ways. The first is using a motorized prophy angle brush and paste, which brightens and polishes your newly cleaned teeth. The second is a prophy jet that mixes water with an mildly abrasive powder like baking soda to quickly clean up the teeth. It may be a slightly messier process, but it’s an incredibly efficient way to clean and remove stains.

Finally, the hygienist may do a quick flossing of your teeth to remove anything that may have gotten lodged during the cleaning. Once done, you’ll be handed your goody bag of toothpaste and a new toothbrush (you didn’t think we’d give out candy, did you?).

Our friendly office staff will suggest a follow-up visit, usually 4-6 months depending on your individual needs; any issues that need quicker attention will be handled accordingly. If you’re in the market for an above-average dental cleanings in Las Vegas, book an appointment with Las Vegas Smile Center.

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