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Dental Checkups In Las Vegas

Keep your teeth in top shape with the best dental checkups in Las Vegas.

Now that you have had your comprehensive Dental Cleaning, it is important to routinely schedule and keep your dental checkups.

We know that life can pass by pretty quickly, which is why Las Vegas Smile Center’s friendly staff will send you appointment reminders of your choosing, be it by text, phone, postal mail, or email. Scheduling a dental checkup in Las Vegas couldn’t be any easier, but it’s only half the story: you have to show up!

Even if you’re brushing and flossing daily (and you should be), a dental checkup can analyze your mouth, teeth, and gums in far greater detail than what’s possible at home. It may be tempting to skip a dental checkup in Las Vegas because you’re super busy and have an active social life, and besides, you’re not in any pain...yet. Regular checkups can correct minor issues before they become major problems.

Your dental checkups will seem much like your first visit with us. We will compare the current state of your mouth with what it looked like months prior. The X-rays from your first cleaning will have already isolated tooth decay and any problem spots, and your dental history notes will help your Dentist round out the complete picture.

Maybe you are someone whose tartar builds up faster than average, and this is something your dentist will keep in mind when planning how often you should visit Las Vegas Smile Center. In addition to heeding your dentist’s advice, you’ll also want to listen to your dental Hygienist, who is responsible for more than you might think.

Dental Hygienists perform most of the dental cleaning and dental checkups in Las Vegas, and their role at Las Vegas Smile Center cannot be overlooked. It is the dental hygienist who communicates with you and your dentist most often about your health habits. To be fair, it is a one-way conversation while say, tartar is scaled or fluoride is being applied, but once you rinse it’s time for your dental hygienist to listen and address any questions or concerns that you might have.

Las Vegas Smile Center cares about your complete dental health, which is why we pride ourselves on our top-notch staff, from our receptionist and dental assistants to our hygienists and surgeons.

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