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Braces In Las Vegas

For our patients braces in Las Vegas are a reliable way to straighten teeth for adults and teens

When most people think of braces, their mind goes to metal brackets connected by metal wires, and there is a reason why this classic look remains in style: they are a cost-effective way of straightening your teeth!

There have been many upgrades to metal braces in Las Vegas, but the concept remains the same: the tension will slowly shift your teeth over a couple of years, and this is all monitored by your Orthodontist.

Orthodontists are dentists who complete rigorous training to correct misalignments of the jaw, mouth, and teeth. If you think you might need braces in Las Vegas, you will want to first book an appointment with Las Vegas Smile Center, and one of our friendly Orthodontists will analyze your mouth to better understand your needs. To put it simply, after a physical Exam and X-rays, molds of your mouth will be taken, and a treatment plan is devised to correct your smile.

Despite metal braces looking pretty similar from person-to-person, their function will vary depending on the individual’s needs; they’re not only for “crooked” teeth but for jaws that are misaligned and need correcting. The little plaster mold of your teeth gives your orthodontist a view of your mouth that they can hold in their hand, oftentimes using it to educate you on the next steps to expect.

Your orthodontist attaches metal brackets on your teeth, and in some cases, they can be clear and less visible! Wires are then connected tooth-to-tooth, and every month the progress of your teeth will be checked.

Sometimes rubber bands and small metal spacers are used to encourage your teeth and jaws to move in certain directions. Once finished, you’ll want to be cautious with crunchy or hot foods at first, as it’s normal to feel a little sore while your teeth adjust.

Braces need to be cared for, and don’t even get us started on chewing gum! If average food can stick to those braces, then you can only imagine what gum does. Want to keep your braces in Las Vegas free of dirt and decay? Brush and listen to your Orthodontist!

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