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Prosthodontist In Las Vegas

Specialized skills for beautiful creative Dentistry with our Prosthodontist in Las Vegas.

Prosthodontics is the area of Dentistry that focuses on creating beautiful replacement teeth and other prosthetics.

At Las Vegas Smile Center, we work with some of the best practitioners in the Las Vegas area and can help match you with the right Dentist for your procedure. Let us help you craft a dazzling smile with the premier Prosthodontist in Las Vegas.

All Prosthodontist are Dentists, but not all Dentists are Prosthodontists. In order to achieve the title of Prosthodontist in Las Vegas, a Dentist must complete 3 years of specialized training in the field of Dental Prosthesis (the cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth) and they also require a board certification. In a way, Prosthodontists are similar to Prosthetists, doctors who specialize in the replacement of limbs.

Both are part of a family of advanced medical professionals whose main goal is to leave you looking and feeling your strongest, and it all starts with a consultation. Your Prosthodontist works with you from the very beginning and learns all about your dental history, as well as the results you wish to achieve.

Together you will discuss the different avenues which you can take to reach that goal, and it can be as simple as removable Dentures and Porcelain Veneers, or as complicated as jawbone reconstruction.

There are also Prosthodontists in Las Vegas who complete a year’s fellowship training in maxillofacial prosthetics, taking their expertise further, and many assist plastic surgeons to reconstruct facial features that allow for normal function of the human mouth, offering the best results possible for a routine life.

Both you and your Prosthodontist play an important role in your recovery and rehabilitation, and the advice they give should be heeded. In other words, your results will vary depending on how you choose to care for your new teeth, and our knowledgeable Prosthodontists will create a recovery plan that you can fully understand and follow. Once armed with the facts and proper maintenance, your new teeth can last decades!

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