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Full Mouth Reconstruction In Las Vegas

Restore your smile after catastrophic injury or illness through Full Mouth Reconstruction in Las Vegas.

Despite it's name, Cosmetic Dentistry reaches far beyond the realm of “good looks”, and with Full Mouth Reconstruction in Las Vegas becoming more common, it could feel a little daunting to start the process.

What You Can Expect

Las Vegas Smile Center is pleased to report numerous patients who arrive at our office in tears, only to leave with stellar smiles and tears of joy (but we love those). For many, it had been years since they last smiled wide, and this is why we feel Full Mouth Reconstruction in Las Vegas shouldn’t be left to the toss of the dice; a procedure this personal and long-lasting belongs in trained hands and compassionate hearts. You’ll find both at Las Vegas Smile Center.

Our Prosthodontists are experts in determining what the best course of action is for you. Think of them as your all-in-one Dental Prosthetics shop: they are involved from diagnosis to the moment you lift the mirror and see a shiny new set of teeth grinning back at you.

What happens in between that time is a decision you reach with your Prosthodontist, who will work diligently to ensure the best results for your lifestyle and budget. Sometimes that plan includes minor Dental Surgery, like having your bone grafted to better stabilize your Dental Implants. This is a process that takes a few months, and in that time frame, you’ll have developed a professional relationship with your Prosthodontist, to achieve the best Dental Treatment plan possible for you.

For some patients, Dentures are the best option, while for others it could be Lumineers or Dental Implants. Still some patients require more complex reconstructive surgery due to illnesses such as cancer or degenerative bone disease, but whatever the reason is for your visit, our highly skilled staff is ready to work with you on creating a smile that will turn heads.

We find simply being listened to relaxes our patients, and they’re able to put better trust in their treatment plans, whether they’re being fitted for Dentures or preparing for Implants. If you’re interested to learn more about Full Mouth Reconstruction in Las Vegas, there is no better place to visit than Las Vegas Smile Center.

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