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Dentures In Las Vegas

Dentures in Las Vegas are an affordable, reliable choices for missing teeth.

Dentures in Las Vegas have advanced throughout the years, and the clunky set that flew out of grandpa’s mouth during Thanksgiving dinner has largely become a thing of the past, something we can all be thankful for!

But all kidding aside, with multiple locations advertising Dentures in Las Vegas, it is easy to fall into the wrong hands, and there is nothing worse than a set of teeth that are uncomfortable and problematic.

At Las Vegas Smile Center we educate our patients on the new and improved world of Dentures so that the best possible treatment plan can be mutually decided. People lose their teeth and need replacements for all sorts of reasons. First the obvious: we humans just aren’t built to last forever, and for many this aging process begins in the mouth.

Over a lifetime of use, our teeth can loosen or become vulnerable to infection. Factor in decreasing bone density and it is only a matter of time before they fall out or need to be extracted. But it’s not just aging that can result in lost teeth, oftentimes genetics can play a frustrating role, and while we can certainly challenge our genes, it is best to know when to wave the white dental flag, so to speak.

Then there is the unpredictable world of accidents, with sports being a major culprit. Think of all the hockey pucks and baseballs that soar through the air on a daily basis. What about skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, and scooters? Let’s add skiing or snowboarding to the mix, and it seems like overkill to even mention the world of martial arts.

In other words, the ordinary ups and downs of life are why Dentures are needed, and sometimes that’s due to personal lifestyle choices and habits. The good news is that Las Vegas Smile Center is not here to judge; we are here to help! Let’s learn more about what Dentures are and why they may be a good option for you, both medically and financially.

At their core, Dentures are false teeth that are fitted into the mouth. Sounds simple right? It should be, but the amount of dissatisfied people walking around with Dentures in Las Vegas betrays a harsh reality: it matters where you choose to have your Dentures made. A little talent goes a long way and Las Vegas Smile Center is home to some of the most talented Dentists and Dental professionals around.

“I have always hated going to the dentist. Dr Keshmiri not only asks questions but she also listens. She has a first rate staff. It all adds up to one thing; Trust. I trust her practice and who knows, I will still be able to eat beef jerky up to the day I die!” — Micky M.

Depending on how many teeth are missing, we can offer a Partial Denture to fill gaps when you still have existing teeth, otherwise, an outright full replacement set of Dentures can be constructed. This process will take some time, but our patients find that it is worth the wait. We think you will, too.

For a full replacement set, you will need to extract any remaining teeth; this process takes about 8-12 weeks to allow your gums to fully heal, and during this time your custom-fitted Dentures are created.

You won’t have to compromise by using a standard, one-size-fits-nobody Denture. Molds of your own mouth are used to help create the snuggest, more natural fit possible. Once your mouth is healthy and strong we can go ahead and insert your new teeth, but there’s something you need to keep in mind…

Your new teeth may be synthetic, but your gums are still your own and will become infected if you neglect them. Patients who take proper care of their gums and remaining teeth tend to have the best results, and if you’re considering Dentures in Las Vegas, know that Las Vegas Smile Center will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the most natural, comfortable smile possible...and we’ll work hard to keep it that way.

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