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Dental Implants In Las Vegas

Dental Implants in Las Vegas are stunning custom-crafted replacements for missing teeth.

The quality of Dental Implants in Las Vegas can vary, but at Las Vegas Smile Center you will find our implant procedure to be carefully planned and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Dental Implants in Las Vegas are becoming a more popular alternative to Dentures, and they are exactly what they sound like: an artificial tooth implanted into your jaw using a metal post. Don’t worry, it sounds painful, but local anesthesia is used, and the patient feels none of the procedure.

It is important to realize that this isn’t as simple as filling in a cavity, and it could take months from start to finish. Much of the waiting period is simply your mouth and bones healing, which is why this is done in a few steps.

The first thing we determine is whether or not your mouth is healthy enough for Dental Implants, mainly your jawbone. If the bone in your jaw is weakened and can’t hold a post, a bone graft will be used to strengthen it up. It takes a few months for the bone to fully heal, but by then you’ll be ready for the metal post to be installed. Think of it like a screw that will hold your new tooth in place.

While patients feel no pain during the procedure, there is mild to moderate pain to be expected as you recover. You will want to give yourself 24-48 hours initially, and your Dentist will recommend ways to manage any discomfort that continues beyond that, depending on your procedure.

You will want to stick with soft foods for a good 7-30 days, and avoid hot beverages or using drinking straws until you are healed. Patients who smoke or drink alcohol should wait at least a week after the surgery to avoid infections. Continued good oral hygiene will keep those gums and new teeth healthy and smile-ready!

Given the choice of Dental Implants in Las Vegas and the expertise needed for great results, there’s no mystery why so many have chosen Las Vegas Smile Center as their go-to Dentist for Dental Implants.

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